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The concept for a handheld electronic charting solution began in 1996 as regulatory changes increased the need to completely document medical services given to patients. These regulations coincided with increasing clinical and administrative demands upon the time of health care workers. 

Recognizing both a clinical need and a commercial opportunity, Minosa was founded in April 1999 to develop a handheld charting and billing solution that would:        (1) help solve the myriad of regulatory issues,             (2) save users both time and money, and                        (3) improve the practice of medicine.                           

Since the company was founded, the Minosa Mission has been to become the leading software solution provider of handheld-based electronic charting applications for doctors, nurses, and health care professionals. 

The Minosa Management Team includes professionals with expertise in healthcare informatics, electronic patient records, software development, database design, human-computer interfacing, management, finance, and law.

For more information, investor relations, and employment opportunities contact meh@hullinformation.com.


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