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  • Request a web demo by contacting Michael Hull at 562-841-8379.
  • Minosa is available for the PC, Palm, and as a web application.

The idea behind Minosa is that once you enter information, you can let the computer help handle it. Need to write a letter about the patient to another doctor? Let the computer help you. Need to have a flow sheet on the patient? The computer can help you start it. Want to enter the billing level for the patient visit? The computer can help you decide.

Moreover, once you enter a piece of information, the computer can reuse it in many ways, as many ways as you want. Do different payers have different documentation requirements? Minosa can adapt to each.

Placing the patient on a new medication? Enter the medicine and dose. The computer can then

  • prepare a printed prescription
  • fax it to the pharmacy
  • add a sentence about the new medicine to your visit note and correspondence
  • place it on a computer page or paper page that summarizes all of the patient’s care
  • check for drug interactions
  • prepare instructions for the patient

Examining a patient? If you’ve used forms in your practice before, you’ll know how to use Minosa.

With one check you indicate normal or abnormal findings for each part of the examination, for entire body systems or organs, or for the entire examination, depending upon your findings and practice. But no computer program in the world (worth using) will ever be able to reflect exactly what you find in a given patient. So dictate history or examination findings that are unique to that patient. Minosa adds them in.

“Counseling” a patient during the office visit? Minosa can time the whole visit and the counseling portion of the visit separately, so that you can bill on the basis of time.

Find desktop or laptop computers too large or intrusive? Want to use this on hospital rounds? Minosa can also run on your wireless PDA. You enter information the same way wherever you are and whatever you use. Want to dictate or type part of your note? Minosa takes it all.

What was the name of that patient with lupus you saw last year? Minosa stores everything in a database format, so you can find things using standard computer tools.

Delays in sending out information on your patients because of typing? Information in Minosa is immediately available.

Minosa can run on a desktop or laptop computer, but also can run on Palm Pilot and compatible devices. It is compatible with wireless technology and can be run over the internet It implements 128-bit encryption, ensuring complete security for patient information.


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