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Minosa Enterprise has been designed for medium to large healthcare providers with existing legacy and modern systems in place. Minosa Enterprise Server works with Minosa Suite Workstation and provides enterprise scale scheduling, user management, and billing.


  • Software and Intranet data entry and access
  • Synchronization of multiple Minosa Suite Workstations and their Palm™ computers
  • Enterprise scale scheduling and reporting by doctor, nurse, or patient
  • Wireless compatible technology allows future implementation of secure, wireless Palm™ computers networked to the Minosa Enterprise Server
  • Enables doctors and nurses to share exam, visit, and report templates


  • Support for the Palm™ computer provides mobile decision support at the point of care for doctors and nurses
  • Full Palm™ compatibility with the latest XML technology
  • Patent pending design by leading neurologist, Ronald P. Lesser, M.D.
  • Custom designed forms, notes, and reports for maximum flexibility
  • XML based designer allows the user to easily customize forms, reports, and notes
  • Internet, Intranet, and Extranet compatible
  • Simplifies HCFA-compliance with automated billing calculations, notes, and reports
  • Secure, portable patient records including general patient history, diagnosis, and exam summary information
  • Contains the latest CPT and ICD-9 codes
  • Contains the Lexidrugs prescription database which includes common dosing information, side-effects, and interactions
  • Utilizes Palm™ operating system for maximum ease of use portability and reliability
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