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Minosa lets you document your care of a patient while you’re giving it. Vital signs are entered on simple forms. Other information regarding patient condition, your evaluation and care, and the results of your efforts can be quickly documented using templates designed specifically for nurses and meeting nursing documentaion criteria. Modify these to meet your practice and the needs of your patients.

Minosa allows you to spend more time with your patients and less time with paperwork, while storing your information in an organized, retrievable form.

Easy to use

  • If you’ve used forms in your practice before, then you already know how to use Minosa.
  • Avoid getting lost in layers of menus and submenus with Minosa’s straightforward interface.

Completely customizable

  • Using simple drag and drop functions, our Lightning Forms™ Designer allows you to create custom exams with ease.
  • Minosa eases the transition to an electronic medical record by adapting to the way you already examine a patient and take notes.

Usable anywhere

  • Palm Computing® platform, Windows™ 9x/NT/2000, wireless and Internet compatible.

Add or eliminate dictation—it’s up to you

  • Minosa’s Lightning Forms allows you to eliminate dictation if you wish.
  • If you choose to dictate, Minosa helps you remember what to dictate.
  • Easily combine dictation with the Minosa note for one complete record of the patient encounter.
  • Use standard dictation, computer-based voice recognition software, or type your note—Minosa adapts to the way you want to practice.
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